Renewed Tensions Between the Philippines and China in the South China Sea

This article, which I co-authored with my boyfriend, Jumel Estranero, was published first in Geopolitical Monitor, which is among the leading geopolitics websites of today. To access their website, click here. Three days before the 121st Independence Day of the Philippines—June 12th, 2019—a Chinese-flagged vessel rammed a Filipino fishing boat in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the […]

How Much Caffeine Each Day is Good For You?


I mentioned in my first ever Youtube vlog about my love for coffee, and how it amazingly pumps up my mood every morning. However, in that video, I didn’t have the opportunity to mention my experience with too much caffeine and what I’ve learned after bingeing on it for quite some time.

In the article below, which I wrote just last year in my faith and devotional blog, I discussed some scientific facts about coffee and how too much of it can affect law students’ life.

If you are having difficulty cutting down on caffeine intake, or know someone who might be having some struggles on the same, feel free to read and share this blog post.

Stay safe and healthy!

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How much coffee is safe to drink everyday_


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“Tina, how much coffee or energy drink should we drink?”

“How many hours should we wait before we drink another cup of coffee or bottle of energy drink?”

“How much caffeine intake each day is considered safe?”

It is not unusual for my law school classmates, and even colleagues, to ‘bombard’ me with these questions.

A number of them think that it’s…

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